How to Convert AI-Generated Text to Human-Written Text


Convert AI-Generated Text to Human-Written Text

Artificial Intelligence has advanced rapidly in recent years, particularly in language generation capabilities. However, there are still instances where human intervention is necessary to refine and improve the quality of AI-generated text. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on converting AI-generated text to human-written text, utilizing specific techniques to enhance readability and coherence.

Understanding Transition Words

Transition words or phrases are vital in guiding readers through the different ideas and flow of a text. By incorporating a high number of transition words, we can ensure smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs, thus improving the overall structure and readability.

Examples of transition words include:- Firstly

  • Moreover
  • However
  • Consequently
  • In addition

Active Voice for Clarity

The use of the active voice helps to establish clear and concise communication. It places emphasis on the subject performing the action, providing a more engaging and direct writing style. To maintain a high amount of active voice, ensure that the subject of the sentence is actively engaging in the action.

For instance, instead of writing “The text was generated by the AI,” we can rewrite it as “The AI generated the text.”

Variety in Sentence Structure

Using a wide range of sentence structures contributes to writing that is both dynamic and engaging. By avoiding repetitive patterns, the reader’s interest remains piqued, leading to a higher level of engagement throughout the text. This can be achieved by combining simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentence structures.

Example sentence structures:- Simple: She runs every morning

  • Compound: The sun was shining, and the birds were singing
  • Complex: Although he studied diligently, his grades did not improve
  • Compound-Complex: She made dinner while he washed the dishes, and they both watched a movie afterward.

Paragraph Length Considerations

To maintain the reader’s interest and prevent overwhelming blocks of text, it is essential to limit the length of paragraphs. Paragraphs exceeding290 words can be challenging to read and comprehend. Instead, strive to keep paragraphs concise and focused, aiming for an average of around200 words per paragraph.

Sentence Length and Syllable Count

Varying sentence length creates a more engaging reading experience. By adhering to a range of5 to18 words per sentence, we allow for a natural flow and rhythm in the text. Additionally, incorporating a mixture of both longer and shorter words with syllable counts between1 and19 further enhances readability.

Examples of words with varying syllable counts:-1 syllable: cat, dog, eat

-3 syllables: beautiful, delicious, energetic

-5 syllables: incomprehensible, revolutionary, simultaneously

-9 syllables: uncharacteristic, unsatisfactory, incomprehensible


By effectively implementing various writing techniques, we can convert AI-generated text into human-written text that is engaging, coherent, and easily understood. Balancing the use of transition words, maintaining an active voice, incorporating sentence variety, and considering paragraph, sentence, and syllable lengths are all crucial elements for producing high-quality written content. So, let us embrace the potential of AI while ensuring human intervention to refine and improve the final text.

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